WyreStorm H2C Series Matrix Switchers Go Modular and Give Options with Selection of 4K HDR HDBaseT Transmission Cards

ALBANY, NY – 7th Aug 2017 — WyreStorm, one of the CI industry’s foremost HDBaseT matrix switcher manufacturers, has leveraged its transmission expertise in the design of its latest modular HDBaseT matrix solution.  Introducing the H2C Series.  Flexible, modular 4K HDBaseT distribution custom-built to the needs of an installation.

The MX-0606 and 0808-HDBT-H2C were designed for AV projects requiring multi-source, multi-zone distribution of the latest HDCP 2.2 4K UHD video with HDR and multi-source audio matrix switching within medium-sized residential or commercial environments.

But when it comes to AV projects WyreStorm believe no two are the same, which is why the company places such emphasis on giving installers options for their 4K UHD distribution.

The H2C Series enables integrators to choose from a 6 or 8-way PoH-ready matrix chassis built by WyreStorm to customer specification with a selection of PoH transmission cards for flexible, customizable multi-zone 4K HDR HDBaseT distributions that are tailor-made to the precise needs of the project.

Each card offers distinct video, audio and transmission capabilities that can be combined in any quantity or order to customize installation to their specific application.  Details below:


HDBaseT Class A transmission with mirrored HDMI output (4K: 70m/230ft | 1080p: 100m/328ft)

Features a duplicate HDMI output mirroring the HDBaseT output for connection of an additional local screen, AVR or WyreStorm extender solution.


HDBaseT Class A transmission with S/PDIF ARC output (4K: 70m/230ft | 1080p: 100m/328ft)

Do even more with all that 4K UHD content with ARC supporting transmission of on-demand 5.1 audio content that really makes the make the most of SmartTVs.


HDBaseT Class A transmission with line-level audio breakout (4K: 70m/230ft | 1080p: 100m/328ft)

Also enabling more to be made of audio capabilities, the TX-H2-AUD, offers stereo audio breakout of a zone with a 3-pin phoenix connector for analog audio.


HDBaseT Class B transmission without Ethernet (4K: 35m/115ft | 1080p: 70m/230ft)

HDBaseT Class B offers the same signal quality and reliability but half the transmission distance for greater cost-efficiency for shorter cable runs.

Staying true to the functionality of its award-winning parent model, the H2 Series, the H2C includes the same SmartEDID feature to remove conflicts when mixing 1080p and 4K screens within an installation by dynamically reacting to source routing changes and outputting the highest resolution compatible with all connected displays.

The H2C also includes an embedded WebUI where setup and configuration can be done effortlessly, allowing a clean and simple switching interface to be easily accessible.

But control options don’t stop there. Instant switching can also be done via IR, RS-232, IP Telnet, with support for leading third party control systems, or just using front panel of the matrix, if you want to keep it simple.

With custom-tailored AV distribution featuring a variety of HDBaseT transmission options, H2C Series matrix switchers give you more.  More connectivity.  More versatility.  And more installation options for medium-sized AV projects of all kinds.

On the release of the H2C Series, WyreStorm Product Manager, Dave Schorah, stated: “When it comes to AV distribution WyreStorm doesn’t believe “one-size-fits-all” – size, complexity, application and customer experience all vary.  So if all AV projects are unique you need a modular 4K HDR matrix switching solution capable of being tailored to the application, not the other way round.  The H2C Series gives integrators that level of flexibility.  If no two AV projects are exactly the same, now with the H2C Series, neither is your matrix switcher.”

MX-0606-HDBT-H2C WyreStorm 6×6 Modular HDBaseT Matrix Supporting 4K UHD with HDR, ARC and HDCP 2.2 (4K: 70m/230ft | 1080p: 100m/328ft)

US MSRP: $1999.00  |  UK MSRP: £1125.00



MX-8×8-HDBT-H2C  WyreStorm 8×8 Modular HDBaseT Matrix Supporting 4K UHD with HDR, ARC and HDCP 2.2 (4K: 70m/230ft | 1080p: 100m/328ft)

US MSRP: $2499.00  |  UK MSRP: £1164.00



H2C Modular Cards:

TX-H2-MIR Now shipping US MSRP: $650.00  |  UK MSRP: £385.00

TX-H2-ARC Now shipping US MSRP: $650.00  |  UK MSRP: £385.00

TX-H2-AUD Now shipping US MSRP: $650.00  |  UK MSRP: £385.00

TX-H2-CLB Now shipping US MSRP: $475.00  |  UK MSRP: £225.00

Contact your local authorized WyreStorm distribution partner or visit www.wyrestorm.com for further details on this product and information on other WyreStorm 4K and HD Distribution and Control Solutions.