WyreStorm Launches Enado Control System at CEDIA, Again

enado_logo-0913WyreStorm is re-launching Enado at CEDIA Expo this week in Denver. We say re-launching because the company launched it at last year’s CEDIA. So, a year after the original launch, it’s still not shipping.

Enado is an a 1U, 19″ rack-mounted controller that features 16 assignable IR ports, 8x integrated IP ports and an array of contact closures. Enado’s browser-based user interface is compatible with almost any tablet, smart phone or PC. To the end user, Enado will appear and act like a traditional APP designed to enable familiar, easy access via any iOS, Android or Windows device. Behind the Enado interface is a software/hardware product that can be custom configured to control anything — without the need for any other user interface than the phone or tablet.

WyreStorm Enado’s software includes a simple (no-programming), browser-based configuration tool that’s pre-loaded with their IR database and it has a built-in device editor and IR learner, which means new devices can easily be created, and Enado includes a series of integrated RS232 and IP control options.

Enado can automatically identify and deliver the correct visual format for any connected device regardless of the operating system, device type or indeed screen orientation. Auto recognition allows even smartphone platforms to be scaled within the compact screen sizes, yet still able to provide full control functionality of AV sources with buttons elegantly overlaying live video generated from a network video encoder.

Last year’s press release said a release date “was planned for early 2013” but this year’s says that Enado will not ship until 2014 and will cost $2,000. There are no detailed specs yet on the company’s website.