Wybron Launches Cygnus 200W LED-based Wash

cygnusmain crop small 1209

cygnusmain_crop_small-1209As energy concerns rise, it’s no surprise that LEDs have commanded much of the lighting world’s attention. Unfortunately, many of the fixtures flooding the market provide less than stellar light. Technicians and lighting designers are still in pursuit of that holy grail of LEDs: one that can provide incandescent-quality light while still remaining simple, energy-efficient and easy to maintain.  Wybron says their Cygnus 200W Wash is an LED luminaire that “is a generation ahead” (their words) – and we have to agree.  It looks great!

Compact, lightweight and self-contained, Cygnus is the first fixed-focus luminaire on the market to incorporate red, green, blue and white elements housed in a single LED package. According to Cygnus, this technological adaptation allows color mixing to occur in the lenses, rather that outside the fixture itself, and also eliminates distracting rainbow shadows produced by most LED fixtures. The addition of a white element to the red, green and blue also means that Cygnus produces pastels, each mixed within the lens itself.

Check it out yourself at:  http://www.wybron.com/news/press_releases/2009/11-09-09.html

We’re now bombarded with a plethora of new LED-based lighting – and with lots of new capabilities built in. I also like the trend toward integration of power supplies, since the LED fixtures draw so much less power than incandescents that it makes it possible.