WSDG Releases ‘Sound Reinforcement for Audio Engineers’ Handbook

wsdg sound reinforcement audio engineers

WSDG (Walters-Storyk Design Group) just released the “Sound Reinforcement for Audio Engineers,” a handbook that explores acoustic design and electroacoustic engineering theory as applied to real-world applications in the field. The handbook was edited and curated by Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert and WSDG Director of Applied Science and Engineering Dirk Noy and is the first print publication by team members of the architectural acoustic consulting and media systems design firm. “Sound Reinforcement for Audio Engineers” is available now from Focal Press.

​Over the course of its 11 chapters, “Sound Reinforcement for Audio Engineers” thoroughly explores the fundamental technologies and approaches involved and focuses on the intersection between room acoustics and electroacoustics through a variety of real-world applications both historic and modern, including sports arenas, performance venues, houses of worship and corporate environments. In addition to demonstrating the nuanced relationship between these two practices, the book also provides an in-depth look at the role digital technology increasingly plays in these processes including acoustic simulations, sound reinforcement, DSP, digital networking and more.

Dirk Noy is the director of applied science and engineering at WSDG. He frequently lectures at SAE, TBZ and the ffakustik School of Acoustical Engineering in Zurich. He is also a member of the education committee for the AES’s Swiss section.

A number of expert guest authors were invited for particular chapters, including Gabriel Hauser of WSDG (commissioning of sound systems), Stefan Ledergerber of Simplexity (digital audio networks), Stefan Feistel of AFMG (acoustical simulations), Peter Mapp (speech intelligibility) and Gottfried Behler (loudspeakers and microphones).

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