WPS Transforms the Audio Experience in Princeton University’s Historic, 95-Year-Old Chapel

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Washington Professional Systems just announced the completion of a comprehensive audio system overhaul and infrastructure upgrade for the gothic-styled, 95-year-old Princeton Chapel. WPS integrated modern audio technologies throughout the historic chapel, balancing clarity and balance for speech, choir, and instruments for a variety of events without sacrificing the chapel’s architectural integrity.


Princeton Chapel, an architectural icon completed in 1928, stands as one of the largest university chapels in the world and one of the most impressive examples of Collegiate Gothic design. Today, the Chapel serves as a hub for spiritual, ceremonial, and musical events, drawing visitors from around the world. The Chapel’s rich history and architectural significance demanded a careful and considerate approach to any modifications.

Princeton Chapel 2

Project Highlights:

  • System Design: In collaboration with SIA Acoustics, WPS engineered a multi-purpose audio system that caters to diverse events, from worship services and lectures to concerts and weddings. The design emphasizes both operator and non-operator modes, ensuring ease of use for all Chapel staff.
  • Distributed Audio: The integration of 13 Renkus-Heinz Iconyx-series loudspeakers and Fulcrum Acoustic’s RX599-series and CX8-series loudspeakers guarantees impeccable sound quality, ensuring both speech intelligibility and tonal balance for instrumental and choir performances.
  • Audio Console & Network: The Chapel’s audio system employs an Allen&Heath Avantis digital mixing console and a DANTE-based network, ensuring efficient signal routing and low latency.
  • Recording and Production System: The new system, compatible with ProTools DAW, expands the Chapel’s broadcasting and recording capabilities, capturing pristine audio for a global audience.
  • Communication System: A Clear-Com system facilitates seamless communication among the production team, ensuring smooth event operations.
  • Microphone System: A diverse range of microphones, including DPA, Earthworks, Audix, and Shure, ensures optimal audio capture for various applications. Additionally, a Shure wireless microphone system delivers excellent coverage throughout the Chapel.
  • Assisted Listening System: The ListenTech system offers an enhanced listening experience for audience members, ensuring inclusivity for all attendees.

Princeton Chapel 3

Challenges & Solutions:

Given the Chapel’s historical significance, WPS worked closely with Princeton’s historic preservation team and project architects. A tiered escalation process was implemented to ensure that alterations to the Chapel’s irreplaceable stone and woodwork were minimized. Additionally, to accommodate the Chapel’s daily activities, WPS implemented staggered work shifts, ensuring uninterrupted Chapel operations.


WPS’s state-of-the-art audio system has transformed the auditory experience at Princeton Chapel. The system’s advanced capabilities, combined with its user-friendly design, ensure that the Chapel remains a beacon of spiritual and musical excellence for years to come.

“We are immensely proud of our team for what they accomplished at the Chapel,” said Joe Zamborsky, Operations Manager and Project Lead for WPS. “This project demonstrates our ability to deliver top-tier audio solutions while respecting and preserving historical landmarks.”

A video covering the chapel is here:

The entire case study is here: https://wpsproav.com/integration-case-studies/princeton-university-chapel/