Wow, What a Year for Almo ProAV

e4 av tour 1110

e4-av-tour-1110I have had the privilege to speak at every Almo ProAV E4 Show they’ve ever had. And, as the 2011 E4 Tour comes to a close, it all ended right here where it started: New York City!
And, what a show. On a cold, rainy day in Manhattan, over 400 people poured into the Millennium Broadway (editor’s note: this hotel sucks) Hotel and were treated to a plethora of InfoComm CTS certified courses and over 40 brands of AV gear – all of it intro’d to the market in the past 4 months (nothing was old).
But, what truly amazed me was this: What one-day show have you EVER been to where every single attendee stays until the very end? That’s right! At 3pm, those same folks that attended my opening keynote on the impact of GreenAV in the ProAV market were still there when I taught my Social Media Marketing forProAV dealers class and were still perusing the show as Panasonic started tearing down their booth at 3:30pm.
Well, I’d love to say it was all me – my classes are, of course, good. 🙂  But, not that good.
But, I have to give the credit to the educational side of the E4 show. Sure, there may have been a few folks who came simply to get RU’s for InfoComm CTS, but the majority were there because the subject matter taught was, well, excellent. Techorating! Yes, there was a class taught by Brawn Consutling called The Art ofTechorating and it was all about using display technology in interior design. My personal favorite class, actually.
But, there were classes on Mobile Apps in AV, a class on Videoconferencing technology, Power and Grounding Best Practices, NEC held a class on the new VideoWall stuff including digital signage applications, Chief had an awesome mounting class that everyone needs to attend and there was even a basics class on Acoustics. In fact, we’ve archived all the presentations here: in case you’d like to see them for yourself.
But, being a tech geek, I love the gear. A few of my favorite new toys at the ALMO E4 were:
Well, there you go. I can’t wait for the 2012 tour as GreenAV is going to be THE NEXT BIG THING in ProAV and I look forward to showing you HOW to get into GreenAV profitably In the meantime, if you want to see all our GreenAV documentation we presented at the keynote, go here: