Top-10 Tour Feature #2: WOW Vision Collab8 (Booth 2870)

WC8-DSP77-0613Over this week, we’ll be previewing all the rAVe Top-10 Tour Winners. Each product highlighted, will be on rAVe’s 2nd Annual Top-10 Tour at InfoComm. The rAVe Top-10 Tour is NOT a “pay for play” tour or product preview (like MOST AV publications do). These 10 products were selected from over 70 submissions from InfoComm 2013 exhibitors. Of those 70, these are the 10 we thought you NEED to see at the show – and if you’re not able to go to InfoComm, the products featured here will give you a good overview of what you missed:

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture is demanding instant sharing and exchange of information among user’s devices. Computer, tablet and smart phone workers or students want immediacy and simplicity to quickly switch between who is contributing to a gathering, whether in the customary meeting space or touch-down huddle spots of spontaneous ad hoc viewing. Work and study materials are carried or loaded from the cloud, wherever the user goes within an enterprise and they are prepared to interact.

Collab8 from WOW Vision is a networked collaboration station that’s attached to a display (projector or monitor) that allows for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android users to wirelessly send their device’s screen to the display. Collab8 will take any device resolution and scale to the native resolution of the display. The presenting device can push its screen to the screens of other devices and up to six participants can be sharing on the local display simultaneously. For greater pixel space to view, a second display can create a dual screen view. If the local display is a touch panel, it will allow control of the presenting computer, as well as annotation of the displayed content. Beyond enabling extensive interaction for the local participants, distant signals can join the session via Skype, WebEx or GoToMeeting and be connected to the display as well. Collab8 can also capture an external video device like a PTZ camera, document camera, TV tuner, video feed or video player.

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Key Collab8 features include:

  • Collab8 allows for any MAC, PC, iOS or Android user to send their display’s screen wirelessly to a any display – without any loss in resolution.
  • Up to six participants’ screens can be shared on the display simultaneously.
  • Cloud to local data can be accessed and users can edit a common document together
  • Near field touch displays allow control and annotation.
  • Multiple projectors with large screen format can provide virtualization-like experience for immersion in content.