WorxAudio Technologies Announces PDA-1000R Power Amplifier with Integrated DSP and Dante

worxaudio-PDA1000R_Hi-0516WorxAudio Technologies, a division of PreSonus Audio Electronics, just launched the PDA-1000R power amplifier with an integrated DSP and Dante audio networking technology. The new PDA-1000R provides PreSonus’ Active Integration technology to create networkable Dante-enabled loudspeaker systems with a DSP that can be controlled by a computer running WorxControl (a loudspeaker management and remote control/monitoring application for AI-enhanced WorxAudio loudspeakers) over a standard LAN.

As a 2-channel, Class D power amp with 500W per channel, the new PDA-1000R incorporates two onboard Presets, High Pass Filter, Temperature, Signal, -3 dB, Limit and Clip indications, XLR Input, XLR Pass thru and Dante, which offers a no hassle, self-configuring, true plug and play digital audio networking experience. Central to the PDA-1000R’s capabilities is WorxControl, which provides a suite of advanced editing controls that enables one to customize the system to compensate for room anomalies, create delay systems, eliminate feedback, and more.

Key features of WorxControl include an 800 ms alignment delay adjustable in 0.1 ms increments so operators can align delay systems, center fills, and more. There’s also a Limiter with fully variable threshold that enables one to control dynamics without a mixer or an output processor as well as a Compressor with fully variable attack, release, threshold, ratio, and make-up gain. Additional functionality includes an 8-band Parametric EQ or selectable Low/High Shelving filters for each loudspeaker in the system, 8 Notch Filters for removal of unwanted frequencies (to eliminate feedback), a Low Pass Filter with selectable filter types, plus Input level and gain reduction metering.

With Dante audio networking capability, all of the PDA-1000R’s capabilities come with the added benefit of streamlined system cabling. Known for its ability to transport low latency uncompressed audio over standard IP Ethernet networks with sample accurate synchronization, Dante provides automatic device and channel discovery as well as easy-to-use signal routing. Dante audio networking provides control over audio feeds from remote locations and enables users to build sophisticated SR systems by deploying Cat5 cables throughout the venue as opposed to running conventional audio cables.

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Here are all the tech specs.