House of Worship: A Billion Reasons to Enter This Market

road-to-money-0914Half of one billion dollars in audio, video and lighting technology sales over the next 12 months. And that’s just from one segment of the house of worship market, representing only about 2 percent of all churches here in the United States.

It’s likely your business hasn’t seen the majority of your sales come from this niche vertical market, yet I keep wondering when manufacturers, rep firms, dealers and systems integrators will begin to realize the significant opportunities to generate serious revenue from churches.

Perhaps the focus on “we keep doing what we’ve always done” is such a driver for consistency in sales that there’s a myopic, even catatonic, state towards corporate, education and government sales. Whatever the reason, leaving $580MM on the table seems to be a fairly large miss.

The reality is that change is always hard and bad — in the short run. The kind of change that identifies value proposition, market direction and client felt needs. I’m sure you’ve done this before; perhaps now is the time to develop a strategy to tap into a market that needs your creativity, innovation and expertise to address some of their newest challenges.

With so much opportunity, it seems obvious to begin shifting energy, time and marketing dollars into a focused and measured foray into (or back into) the house of worship market. The incentive of half of a billion dollars in sales isn’t bad, either.