World’s First 3D FIFA World Cup

FIFA 1209

FIFA-1209Sony Corporation and FIFA have announced an agreement: FIFA will produce the world’s first FIFA World Cup in 3D (up to 25 of the 2010 matches) using Sony’s 3D professional cameras.

“Global sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup are very important drivers of new technology, particularly in the TV market”, explains Tom Morrod, Senior Analyst, TV Technology at Screen Digest.

“The news that the FIFA World Cup will be filmed in 3D for the first time will certainly increase the uptake rate of 3D TVs… As a result of this news, and an increasingly bullish industry outlook on 3D, Screen Digest has increased its forecast, and now estimates that 13.6m 3D TV sets will be installed in Europe by 2013.”

This is interesting as soccer fans (outside North America at least) are obsessed enough with the World Cup to actually go out and buy 3D HDTVs just to watch this…

Here’s Sony’s official announcement and details on where you can go watch a World Cup game in 3D.