World’s fastest HQUltra 4K presentation scaler-switcher at InfoComm 2015

phpG40W0YPMBradford, Yorkshire, UK, 2 June 2015 – Calibre HQUltra range of high-speed 4K scaler-switchers incorporate in-house developed virtual-ASIC video processing technology. HQUltra provides the world’s fastest single channel 4K presentation switching performance and is set to revolutionize the current landscape of video displays.

Under the Calibre-Kramer ‘Powered by Calibre’ partnership, the HQView625 scaler-switcher is also available as Kramer VP-796. The global launch will take place at the Kramer Electronics USA, Inc Booth 3443 at InfoComm in June.

“HQUltra is the result of a near four-year research and development program by Calibre to develop a whole new type of video scaling technology. It is aimed at filling the void left by the demise of technologies from silicon vendors such as Silicon Optix HQV and Gennum VXP,” says Tim Brooksbank, Chairman at Calibre.

World’s fastest input switching

Unprecedented switching speeds are incorporated. Whilst competing technologies can switch in 2 or 3 seconds, HQUltra can switch between input channels in just 0.25 seconds, even with differentinput resolutions and formats and between different HDMI/HDCP inputs. This is thanks to Calibre’s in-house developed HQUltraFast switching technique for visually instant input switching.

With HQUltra, image black time when switching is only 0.1 seconds.

“This function alone makes HQUltra a killer product range in the market. The days of fade-through-black switching to hide the switching transition have gone. HQUltra switching has to be seen to be believed it is so fast!,” adds Brooksbank.

Outstanding 4K scaling

Proprietary scaling algorithms in HQUltra scale in a different way from competitor products and are able to produce realistic very high definition virtual 4K images from HD content.  This is done without ugly scaling artifacts and with very low latency – critical for pro-av applications and not achievable with many competitor 4K scaling solutions, using Calibre’s in-house developed HQUltra scaling algorithm.

Customizable design

Understanding that pro-av installations need to be functional and look good inside and outside of the rack room, Calibre now is able to provide its customers with customized front panel graphics where company logos or allocated functions can be printed on the front panel even for modest volumes.

Introducing the first models in the HQUltra range

Designed for today’s digitally connected pro-av world, the HQView625/Kramer VP-796 switches between any input channel with any intput format or resolution. It supports 4K and has eight video inputs, including HDMI, Display Port, HDBaseT, VGA, Composite and DVI-U. Three identical outputs include: HDBaseT and two HDMI 2.0 outputs. Legacy formats are supported.

The more powerful HQView770/Kramer VP-798 includes pixel-accurate extreme downscaling for LED videowalls – a key requirement for driving LED videowalls with good quality images. As part of the HQUltrarange, HQView770 includes a novel extremely powerful LED-optimized scaling algorithm developed in-house by Calibre also as part of its HQUltra advanced scaling algorithm. Optimum performance features include advanced image warp and blend capabilities. 10 video inputs and four identical video outputs include HDMI 2.0, HDBaseT and 3G HD-SDI.

HQUltra is competitive for complete ROI

Calibre’s efficient technological implementation with its powerful in-house developed algorithms enable HQUltra products to be more competitive than similarly specified alternative 4K-capable models without sacrificing picture quality, in fact high-end models such asHQView770 are even more competitive than prior generation HD models despitetheir enhanced functionality.