Words Mean Things

happy call center

She’s clearly taking this seriously.

Everyone knows the expression “it’s not what you say, but how you say it” but how often do people think about its implications.

I do.

Since my job centers on communications I spend a lot of mental energy finding the best way to communicate with my customers.

This past week a friend shared his customer service experience on Facebook, and I’ve reproduced it here on my rAVe blog, with permission.

My friend was looking for some parts, found them on two different sites, and asked the suppliers some questons.

Here are the original questions my friend emailed the two different suppliers:

Do you sell conversion kits for converting a D17 from a 12V generator to a 12V alternator?
Does the kit include mounting brackets?
I was having a bit of trouble finding this exact combination in the online store.

Both suppliers replied within 24 hours.

Here’s the response from Supplier A:

we have the 1 wire alternator (ab-418D) but do not at this time make a bracket kit. You can use original bracket as a starting point and fab what you need from there.

And the response from Supplier B:

Hi Larry!

Yes we do. Its not shown in the webstore as of yet, but if you rifle down in the “About” column up front, there is a picture there of the retrofit kit. The kit runs $275. + the shipping. We don’t offer a mounting bracket as of yet. A couple of our customer’s said they used the Gennie bracket. What they did to modify it I’m not sure as they didn’t say. We’ve sold quite a few of our retrofit kits and they worked out great for our customer’s. What you’re doing is just upgrading the charging system only. Comes with wiring, Alternator, & key switch & Voltmeter to replace the Ammeter. Thank you for your inquiry!


They’re essentially the same answers to identically worded questions:. Yes, we have the item, but it’s not in our online catalog. You will have to make brackets.

One told him that they’ve got the alternator, and it’s up to him for the rest.

Brief, and to the point.

The other told him not only the cost, but also what is included, and suggestions of how to solve the bracket question based on what others have done.
Less brief, but more helpful.

Which response to my friend’s query led to a sale?

Words mean things. So pick the right ones, the ones that will help you help your customers.