WolfVision Adds Cynap Videobar Collaboration System for Meeting Rooms

wolfvision cynap videobar

WolfVision announced the Cynap Videobar, web conferencing and collaboration system for meeting rooms. It combines the Cynap BYOD wireless presentation technology together with a 4K AI camera, beamforming array microphone, plus built-in speakers from German audio specialist Fohhn. This all-in-one meeting room solution offers plug-and-play integration, and is suitable for up to 10 people in small or medium-sized hybrid meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

Wireless screen mirroring functionality enables up to four windows to be displayed onscreen, from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet, without requiring apps, dongles or extra software. Multi-source onscreen content is also shared easily with remote-located colleagues when running web meetings. The built-in BYOM web conferencing feature enables users to connect wirelessly to the Cynap Videobar, and run a hybrid meeting using any web conferencing service directly from a laptop. The new system also features whiteboard and annotation tools plus a room booking module. Cloud-based remote management tools are also included, making it straightforward for administrators to handle large numbers of units across multiple locations.

In addition to the existing multi-platform web conferencing feature, it’s now possible to toggle to ‘BYOM Mode’ on a laptop running WolfVision’s vSolution App to connect wirelessly to a Cynap, plus the connected camera, microphone, and speaker peripherals already installed in the meeting room. This BYOM feature is available for models, Cynap Pure and above, enabling users to host a web meeting using any web conferencing service directly from their own laptop. All meeting room attendees can also share content into the web conference from any device, providing a consistent collaborative hybrid working and learning experience for both in-room and remote participants.

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The new Dual Screen Content Management function enables connection of a control and preview monitor to the third HDMI Out port of a Cynap Pro. Presenters are now able to prepare and preview multi-source content in advance, before dragging and dropping it onto either the left or right-hand main display screens. The new feature allows up to 8 wireless BYOD connections to be made, providing presenters with additional possibilities when selecting content to be displayed on the screens.

vSolution Link Pro software enables remote management of WolfVision systems. Already available for Windows Server, Windows desktop, and macOS, vSolution Link Pro is also now available for installation on a cloud-based virtual server (Microsoft Azure or AWS). Securely accessible from any location, the new software tools are particularly useful where large numbers of WolfVision Cynap systems need to be managed remotely across multiple locations.

All WolfVision systems and solutions will be on show at the Integrated Systems Europe show in Barcelona, 31st Jan – 03rd February 2023 on Stand #3N600. And, you can see everthing here: https://wolfvision.com/en/wireless-presentation-and-collaboration-systems/cynap-videobar