Wolf Shows Two New Visualizers

Wolf Visualizer

For more than two decades, WolfVision’s Professional Visualizers have been regarded as the ultimate high-end units on the market. The first Visualizer VZ-10, launched at the Photokina in 1988, already contained WolfVision’s patented recording system through two mirrors and synchronized light/image lenses.

Now in the 22nd year of its existence, the latest models VZ-P18 and VZ-P38 have a completely redesigned housing. They’re also packed with all-new features including a touch screen remote control, an integrated live image preview monitor and a “digital pointer” that can be adapted in size and color.
In addition to the remote control, a second LCD monitor can be found on the top mirror of the VZ-P18 and VZ-P38. This monitor is designed as a preview monitor for live image display, however, in case the remote control is unavailable, it can also be used as a touch screen monitor for controlling VZ-P18 and VZ-P38. For simplicity sake, Wolf made the functionality of this monitor identical to the touch screen monitor of the remote control.

Both new Visualizers offer native SXGA, WXGA and 720p resolution with 30 frames per second and sRGB color precision. The VZ-P18 achieves perfect picture quality with a 1-CCD camera, while the VZ-P38 is equipped with a 3-CCD camera. The advantages of the 3-CCD camera are even more lifelike colors and higher resolution with very detailed colored objects.

You can see all the specs here.