Wolf Cinema releases new 4K projector at CES

phpqdksv3pmBERKELEY, CA—December 29, 2016—Wolf Cinema, a leading manufacturer of high-performance home cinema projectors, today announced the release of an all-new series of advanced 4K imaging projectors for the home–three using 6th generation three-chip D-ILA® light engine technologies plus a flagship laser/phosphor native 4K/UHD projector, all suitable as stand-alone imaging platforms or mated with two Wolf Cinema external 4K video processors.

The new projectors in the TXF™ “Theater Extreme 4K” series— models TXF-900, TXF-1400, TXF-2000 and TXF-5000—provide for the ultimate in imaging excellence with all current and future standard definition, HD and Ultra HD [4K] consumer video sources.  Starting at well under $10,000 MSRP, these exciting 2D/3D Wolf Cinema platforms include three traditional lamp-based editions, plus an all-new second generation, high-output Blu-escent™ laser/phosphor flagship projector. Each model in the TXF series delivers the imaging prowess that the company has become known for around the world, on home theater screens up to 16-18’ [~5 meters] in width.  All four models are available now.

Every edition in the TXF series incorporates full 18Gbps Ultra HD HDMI® 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 compatibility—with up to 4K60 4:4:4 sources – in addition to boasting significant increases in peak white performance over earlier editions [up to 3200 ANSI lumens]. The TXF series also delivers some of the deepest and most revealing black level performances in its class, with full HDR10 imaging compatibility, multiple VariScope™ aspect ratio memories, custom factory gamut and gamma calibrations, housed in an all-metal chassis for improved thermal coefficients, and much more.


The most exciting member of the TXF series is a second-generation Blu-escent laser/phosphor projector, model TXF-5000. Incorporating an all new, 0.69 inch three-chip native 4K [4096 x 2160] D-ILA® technology core, and illuminated by a 20,000-hour life Blu-Escent laser diode/phosphor light source, the TXF-5000 is clearly one of the penultimate home theater imaging solutions yet available.  Pushing the boundaries of today’s imaging sciences, the TXF-5000 boasts 3200 ANSI lumens of peak white performance, while dynamic contrast approaches unmeasurable levels [∞:1]—eminently suitable for very large home theater screens. The all-glass, 18-element precision primary optics package facilitates ample lens shift for installation flexibility – ±100% vertical, ±43% horizontal—while maintaining sharpness and clarity throughout the available throw distance. Packed with the latest Ultra HD [4K] imaging technologies such as HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma for live HDR broadcasts, easily achieving the BT.709 and Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) color gamut and over 80% of the ultra-wide BT.2020 color space – the TXF-5000 is truly one of the finest imaging platforms in the world.

“Clients everywhere will fall in love with our newly-crafted TXF series of UHD/4K home theater solutions,” said Jim McGall, Director of Sales for Wolf Cinema. “They are all gorgeous imagers in their own right, and housed in what one client called a ‘jewel-like’ anodized aluminum casework. In particular, I think folks everywhere will be astonished by the TXF-5000’s amazingly lifelike 4K imagery, superior color renditions, remarkable black level performance and stunning edge details from one’s favorite sources. And talk about longevity—the second-generation Blu-escent laser diodes [48 in total] will provide years of uninterrupted imaging excellence, without the typical image degradation that is experienced with lamp-based solutions. But no matter which projector you chose in our TXF series—as a stand-alone unit or mated with one of our new 4K/UHD ProScaler™ video processors—you’ll experience breathtakingly detailed images from all your favorite SD, HD and UHD/4K sources.”

Wolf Cinema will be showcasing the TXF-900 and TXF-5000 home theater projectors in their Venetian demo suite #29-103, during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV–January 5-8, 2017. Visit www.wolfcinema.com for additional information and performance specifications on these new additions to our expanding home theater projection lineup.