Wohler Adds AVB Card

wohler-avb-0314Wohler Technologies today announced a new AVB Monitoring Option card for its flagship AMP2 Series modular monitoring AMP2-E16V system. Once the card and software update are installed on the AMP2 Series unit, AVB channels can be mixed, level-adjusted, and monitored alongside AES, SDI, analog and other input types, and in the same fashion.

The Wohler implementation of AVB is unique in that AMP2-E16V monitoring units already deployed in the field may be upgraded easily to support AVB. No additional dedicated system is necessary. Rather, as a result of the series’ modular design, users can add AVB support via a 100 Base-T Ethernet port and RJ45 connection when needed. Just like any other module for the AMP2-E16V, the AVB card occupies a single card slot.

Each AVB Monitoring Option card decodes two AVB streams of eight channels each (IEC 61883-6 format), and these two streams must be locked to the same media clock. AVB channels can be output via AES and analog outputs or re-embedded within an SDI stream. Going forward, those Wohler customers who employ the AVB card will be able to update its firmware just as they would the firmware for any other I/O module.

Here are details of the card.