Witbe to Bring Latest Automated Video Testing and Ad Monitoring Technology to 2023 NAB Show New York

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At the 2023 NAB Show New York, Witbe will showcase its powerful automated testing and proactive monitoring technology. In Booth 845, the company will demonstrate the benefits of its products and services to streaming video service providers looking to measure the true quality of experience (QoE) that their customers receive. Highlights in New York will include the company’s new and award-winning Ad Monitoring and Matching technology, upgraded voice control testing support for Android TV and RDK devices, the latest updates to the Witbe Software Suite, and the complete Witbox lineup of automated testing devices.

“We’re very excited to be back at the NAB Show New York, which is conveniently located a few blocks away from our Manhattan office,” said Marie-Véronique Lacaze, president and co-founder of Witbe. “With so many recent announcements of major streaming services now inserting ads into their content, ad-based video is going to be one of the hottest topics at this year’s show. By providing an essential service identifying streaming issues caused by dynamic ad insertion — which can only be observed on real devices — Witbe’s new Ad Monitoring and Matching technology will be central to the conversation.”

Taking center stage at the 2023 NAB Show New York will be Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology, which helps resolve issues caused by dynamic ad insertion. This process — necessary for including ads in streaming content — frequently leads to errors, including significant buffering, black screens, blank slates, or crashed streams. Witbe’s technology identifies and monitors these errors on real devices, allowing streaming providers to measure the exact ad performance received by viewers at home. Witbe also provides video recordings to confirm ad delivery and secure revenue from third-party advertisers. This is bolstered by the company’s unique Ad Matching technology, which can identify every time a specific ad appears within the content to measure its performance and frequency.

Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology is delivered through the Witbe Software Suite, which includes Workbench for scripting automated tests with ease, the Remote Eye Controller (REC) application for remotely monitoring and controlling real devices in the field, and Smartgate for sending live service alerts and analyzing the results of automated tests. All of Witbe’s technology runs on the company’s Witbox line of testing devices, which will also be on display at the NAB Show New York.

Additional Witbe Highlights at the 2023 NAB Show New York Will Include:

Script Test Scenarios Faster With AI Algorithms
At the 2023 NAB Show New York, Witbe will showcase recent updates to the Witbe Software Suite that have allowed teams to script test scenarios up to 10 times faster than previously possible. These will include the Smart Navigate AI algorithm, a new addition to Witbe’s Workbench software that uses machine learning to automatically understand menu structures without scripting. The result is a dramatic reduction in the amount of time required to update test scenarios after video app menus have been altered. Workbench’s updated Script Writer will also be on display at the show, streamlining the scripting process through preconfigured scenarios, with set contexts and KPIs for each of Witbe’s popular use cases.

QA Testing for Voice Control on Android TV- and RDK-Powered Devices
At the 2023 NAB Show New York, Witbe will spotlight a new capability for its reliable QA test automation technology. Witbe’s technology is now able to test voice control commands on real set-top boxes and OTT devices powered by either of two popular operating systems: Google’s Android TV, used by over 150 companies worldwide, and Comcast’s RDK framework, used by several major operators throughout North America. The voice control testing lets providers measure the performance users receive while speaking to their remote controls, delivering a full report on service quality.

The Complete Testing Device Lineup
Witbe’s Witbox product line packs the company’s reliable automated testing and monitoring technology into a compact, accessible package that is simple to set up. At the 2023 NAB Show New York, Witbe will have its complete Witbox lineup on the show floor. The line includes the WitboxOne for testing any real device in 4K resolution; the Witbox+ for testing up to four 4K devices simultaneously; and the WitboxNet, which is capable of testing any web browser or web application. Live demos on the show floor will showcase the unique testing capabilities of each Witbox when paired with the Witbe Software Suite.