Wisycom Updates MTK982 Transmitter


Wisycom updated its MTK982 dual-wideband, stereo IEM/IFB transmitter and now says it’s the widest switching bandwidth transmitter available among any in-ear monitor system (up to 300 MHz). In addition, it also has an entirely new user experience with key updates, such as an improved layout of the front panel status page and menu customization, among other interface enhancements.

With new fonts for improved visibility of the transmitter name, frequency and TX status, Wisycom says user control will be improved. There will also be key parameter information displayed on the front panel LCD screen, such as receiver type, audio output and IP address and the RF power information will be more prominently shown. The company says users can also customize their menu by selecting “Basic Mode,” which implements a more simplified structure, or “Advanced Mode” for more experienced applications.

In addition to its wideband RF functionality, the company says the MTK982 transmitter features DIGICOM multi-brand compatibility software, which makes it possible for users to integrate the transmitter with a variety of third-party receivers. The transmitter also has stereo, mono and intercom audio modulation, along with an optional redundant power supply and an output power of up to 2 Watts.

Wisycom says the MTK982 can generate multiple types of RF modulations, making it ideal for a variety of live musical events and productions. Additionally, the transmitter’s low interference output features wideband intermodulation phase cancellation. This, combined with its Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) signal, allows the MTK982 to offer the highest quality signal available in an IEM/IFB transmitter, according to the company.

The company says MTK982 also has Stationary Wave Ratio (SWR) sensing on its antenna outputs. The 470-770 MHz frequency range in Europe (470-663 MHz in North America), in conjunction with the BFLT1 transmitter and BFLR1 receiver, enables the MTK982 to transmit signals over fiber to a remote area, with very low latency. With multi-companding DSP audio processing, analog and digital AES3 inputs and primary/secondary outputs for distributed applications, Wisycom says the MTK982 is a powerful solution that will “prove essential to audio systems.”