Wisycom Announces BFL1 RF-over-Fiber Interface

wisycom bfl1 rf over fiber

Wisycom just announced the BFL1 RF-over-fiber interface. A compact module, the BFL1 is a new way for users to support RF coverage and distribution requirements without concern for cable loss. Expanding on Wisycom’s existing RF-over-fiber solutions, the BFL1 features selectable filters, expanded dynamic range, and a long-range Bluetooth 5 programming link. Replacing the need for larger devices that historically supported RF-over-fiber, the single-unit BFL “offers the same robustness in a more compact and cost-effective package.”

Additionally, Wisycom deployed a custom-designed laser for the BFL1 that provides over 90 dB of dynamic range, improving the signal quality and providing a low noise-floor for wireless mic and IEM/IFB systems. For a link without distance limits, the BFL1 replaces the need for coaxial cables and allows antennas to be placed miles away. Like the Wisycom BFA, the BFL1 interface also has 16 filter banks that can protect against unwanted signals and maximize performance of the connected wireless systems. These filters include a 40 MHz tunable filter, allowing users to optimize the BFL1 while adhering to the local RF regulations for productions.