Wisdom Audio Releases Speaker Install Kit for Concrete Walls

Wisdom Audio 0310

Wisdom-Audio-0310Wisdom Audio just launched a new architectural speaker mounting solution for installation within concrete and masonry walls. According to Wisdom, it’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion, the SE enclosure is Wisdom’s most aesthetically pleasing and best performing in-wall mounting enclosure.

Sage Series in-wall speakers (with its integral aluminum back boxes) are mounted via screws into the aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion SE enclosure. The unique flexible rubber-magnetic mounting system then allows for a thin, stainless steel grill to conform to variations in wall surfaces. An included tool is used to obtain a uniform grill distance from the wall’s surface – the grill sort of floats above the wall surface, eliminating the need for a bezel.

You can see all the details at:  http://www.wisdomaudio.com