Wisdom Audio proudly introduces its top-end LS4i & LS3i Loudspeakers at ISE 2014

wisdom-audio-logoCARSON CITY, NV, USA and (ISE) AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – February 4th, 2014 –

Targeting behind screen installations in mid to large high end private theaters, Wisdom Audio’s stackable Line Source speaker series bring the ultimate experience in music and motion picture sound reproduction.

The LS4i is the cornerstone of the Wisdom Series, offering all the benefits of a large scale Line Source, combined with the performance advantage of Wisdom Audio’s newly developed, high-efficiency, ultra-high output, large-scale planar module. “Everyone at Wisdom is excited to unleash a system at this level at ISE 2014,” said Jerry Hanna, VP of Product Development.

The industry is well aware that traditional cone and dome audiophile speakers can’t deliver the necessary SPL for larger theaters, while compression horns sacrifice both resolution and intelligibility. Planar magnetics deliver the best of both worlds, with no compromises.

Wisdom Audio’s true Line Sources bring three main advantages: better clarity, more power over distance and higher sensory envelopment. All these benefits combine into creating a significantly larger sweet spot within the seating area for a true shared experience.

“Custom installers, designers and acousticians looking to deliver the finest performance to their best clients need to hear how compelling a multi-channel system with planar magnetic line sources really is for medium- to large-scale private cinemas,” stated Luc Guillaume, Chief Business development Officer of Wisdom Audio.

About Wisdom Audio

Wisdom Audio is the leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance planar magnetic transducers for architectural speaker applications with more than 100 man- years experience. Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 to create no-compromise planar magnetic hybrid loudspeaker systems for the most demanding and critical audiophiles. Wisdom Audio systems employ proprietary, custom-made planar magnetic and dynamic transducers optimized for high performance, including high-end architectural audio reproduction applications.

Its hybrid-technology systems have earned praise and awards from the specialized media, while satisfying a growing base of customers and dealers worldwide. Wisdom Audio’s products, including their multi-award winning Sage Series architectural models, are handcrafted in limited quantities by specialized craftsman at its headquarters in Carson City, Nevada.

For more information, please visit www.wisdomaudio.com or call +1 (775) 887-8850.