Wisdom Audio Introduces New Premium-Quality Audio Interconnect Kits

Wisdom Audio today announced standard and custom interconnect cable kits as part of its high-end audio product lineup.

Each kit features what they says is “oxygen-free,” high-conductivity copper conductors and the highest grade of foam polypropylene insulation for high-speed transmission and resistance from cracking and wear. The cables’ advanced Star-Quad design offers maximum protection against electrostatic interference. Each wire is numbered for ease and efficiency of installation.

The Wisdom Audio WWK-BB kit includes 10 balanced XLR female to XLR male numbered 1.0 meter cables; 17 balanced XLR female to XLR male numbered 1.5 meter cables; six 1/8-inch mini DC trigger cables; and two balanced XLR Y-adapter female to dual male XLR. The WWK-CUSTOM is a special ordered kit that can be customized to any length and/or termination to fit any application.

All of them are here.