Williams Sound’s Hearing Hotspot is Awesome

williamssound-gary-0215One of the coolest products I’ve seen so far is from Williams Sound — it’s called the Hearing Hotspot. You know when you go to a fitness center and they have those RF receivers so that, while you are exercising, you can listen to the TVs hanging around the gym? Well, imagine if those terrible RF receivers weren’t there and you could use your iPhone to listen (in stereo — noise and sweat-free). But, that’s just the beginning.

You’ve all been to sports bars with 50 TVs showing 25 different games and you could switch to any of the TV’s audio at any time via your iPhone or iPad? Well, the Hearing Hotspot does that.

Now, imagine a museum where a guided audio tour was via your phone. And imagine if YOU, an integrator, could sell, integrate and even get a recurring revenue (i.e. advertising and content creation contract) deal with the client.

That’s what the Hearing Hotspot does and you can learn all about it by watching this video I shot with Williams Sound CEO and President Paul Ingebrigtsen.