Williams Sound Receives Regulatory Approval to Sell the Pocketalker 2.0 in Europe

Williams Sound’s new Pocketalker 2.0 personal amplifier is now CE (MDD) approved and available for sale in Europe.

According to Per Persson, director of international sales for Williams Sound, “I am extremely pleased to offer a Europe-ready Pocketalker 2.0.  It already has proven popular in North America with its ergonomic design and leading-edge technology. And for ease of use, Williams Sound has recently added multiple 2.0 manual translations in English, Spanish, French, German and Norwegian.”

Ideal for use in one-on-one discussions, TV listening and conversing in the car, the Pocketalker 2.0 features an outstanding frequency range, balance control and superior sound quality.  It can be used with or without a hearing aid. Because it has a built-in T-coil, individuals without a T-coil-compatible hearing aid can use the Pocketalker to more clearly hear in rooms equipped with an induction loop. It is also conveniently rechargeable, with outstanding battery life.

All the specs are here.