Williams Sound forges new partnership with Synergetic Audio Concepts

php1IXjcvAMMinneapolis, Minn. – Williams Sound is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon), a well-known leader in audio education.

SynAudCon is dedicated to providing practical, in-depth training on the principles of audio and acoustics. Its stated mission is “to improve the accessibility of information by providing a collaborative environment of connected resources that encourages synergetic sharing and fosters the exchange of ideas.”

Notes Brenda Brown, co-owner of SynAudCon. “We are very pleased to welcome Williams Sound as a SynAudCon sponsor. With a background in nursing, I’m pleased to welcome a sponsor who appreciates the challenges faced by — and develops often life-changing products for — those who have difficulty hearing. We look forward to collaborating with Williams Sound.”

Adds Tony Braun, vice president of domestic sales at Williams Sound, “As a manufacturer, we understand the importance of having informed and trained customers to maximize the benefits of our products. We fully support SynAudCon’s training efforts in the fundamentals of sound reinforcement and are excited to partner with such a fine organization for the mutual benefit of our customers.”