Williams AV Adds New Wi-Fi Audio Receiver for Assistive Listening

Williams AV

Williams AV announced the launch of its second-generation dedicated Wi-Fi audio receiver for assistive listening — the WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver. The WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver uses a new mobile device optimized to be a dedicated assistive listening device. Williams says the WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver’s 6.8″ HD+ Infinity display and long runtime make it unique, saying the display allows for easier readability for administrators during setup and end users when using the device. In addition, the WAV Pro Receiver’s 6000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery “delivers up to 40 hours of continuous audio streaming in normal use conditions, reducing charging frequency.”

Williams AV was the first in the industry to launch a dedicated Wi-Fi receiver, the WAV Classic Wi-Fi Receiver, for assistive listening in 2016 to accompany their WaveCAST Wi-Fi transmitters. In addition, the company further grew its real-time audio over Wi-Fi product line by adding dual Wi-Fi and FM and Wi-Fi and IR-enabled transmitters.

The new WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver also meets ADA hearing compliance for a dedicated assistive listening device, and it is Bluetooth-enabled, streaming audio to Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers and hearing aid telecoils when used with Williams AV neckloop.