Williams AV Demos Assistive Communication Concept With Bluetooth Auracast at InfoComm 2023

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Williams AV is demonstrating an assistive communication concept using Bluetooth Auracast here at InfoComm 2023 — it’s a concept that is not available for purchase yet but gives attendees a glimpse into the technology and its potential applications in the ProAV industry.

The new Bluetooth-capable Auracast was announced by the Bluetooth SIG in June 2022. While the media has widely covered Auracast in consumer markets, coverage of potential applications for the ProAV market has been light.

The Bluetooth Auracast platform has many potential benefits, including simultaneously delivering up to 20 audio broadcasts to an unlimited number of people and delivering audio directly to an Auracast receiver, reducing latency and providing high-quality sound. These benefits will help AV professionals provide better audio for those with hearing loss and broadly deliver audio in public spaces.