Will Google or Amazon Buy CEDIA?

amazon-labs-0914Have you heard the news?

As you are well aware of by now, the hottest smart home product ever sold is the Nest HVAC controller. In fact, it was so hot that Google took note earlier this year and bought the company for a little over $3 Billion.

Well yesterday, Amazon was outed for secretly developing a smart home line of products — aimed at whole home control. Reuters scooped everyone with the news that a team of engineers called “Lab126” (oh, and when I say team, I mean they are hiring over 3,000 people — yes, THREE THOUSAND) to build an integrated whole home system that would include controlling everything and making it network enabled.

Yep, I don’t even need to ask you what you think as I already know. When I read that, I thought the same thing.

Oh, did I forget to mention Apple?

No, Google isn’t buying CEDIA — neither is Amazon. Apple? Nah. But, more importantly, is CEDIA engaging with these three behemoths to come to CEDIA and participate in the high-end of the smart home market? This stuff can’t work without speakers, home theater amps, projectors, monitors, cameras, etc., etc., etc.

Unless, of course, that’s also what those companies are building.

This market is getting ready to go through a revolution — not just an evolution. I’m fairly confident that Crestron, URC, Control4 and the like are watching all this very carefully — and, I am sure they are as each one already integrate with Next, the iPhone, Android devices and even the barely-used Amazon Fire. But, all this is getting ready to change — in a big, big way, too.

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And, I wish I knew how.

All I know is that I did just buy stock in Apple, Amazon and and Google.

I’m not stupid.