Women in Consumer Technology Hosts All-Day Networking Event ‘New Year, New You! The Power of Executive Coaching’

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Women in Consumer Technology (WiCT) is hosting an all-day networking event, “New Year, New You! The Power of Executive Coaching,” on Nov. 16 at the CEDIA headquarters in Fishers, Indiana. The event will give attendees insight into what coaching is and how a professional coach can help take their career and life to a new level. Three coaching leaders will provide tools that will empower attendees and help develop their presence and leadership.

“Think back to when you felt truly empowered in your career and life. More than likely, it came when you were given mentorship and advice,” said Carol Campbell, Founder of WiCT. “Professional and life coaching goes beyond that. For anyone who’s ever been curious about the benefits of coaching, this event is for you. Come see what the real-life buzz is about with some takeaways that will get you started and even more opportunities to network.”

The coaching event will begin with an introduction and keynote with Becky Magnotta of Homestead Coaching and Consulting. Magnotta will share her journey and how she uses her strengths, values, and even her saboteurs to help plan her next year and beyond path. She will also provide an overview of the day and introduce her team of sponsors, speakers, coaches, facilitators, and support staff.

The event will include three experiential breakout sessions that will provide attendees with immediate, actionable tools. These sessions are called “experiential,” because those attending will have time to practice and develop an action plan to apply what they’ve learned immediately. They’ll also be guided for each session by their table host, who is a certified International Coach Federation (ICF) coach.

The three breakout session topics are:

Coaching 101 — What, Why and How

This session will be led by Stephanie Brown, ICF Professional Certified Coach, SHRM-SCP, and full-time human resources professional with the Department of Army, TRADOC at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. Stephanie empowers people-centered, balanced leaders who understand that leadership is something done with people, not to them. Answering what coaching is, why you need it, and how it can help you, this session will cover how to find the right coach and how to convince your company to pay for it.

Wheel of Life — What it means and how to use it?

Led by Nancy A. Ratey, Ed.M., Harvard University; Diplomate, ABDA; ICF Master Certified Coach; Senior Certified ADHD Coach, this session will give attendees the opportunity to look back over their lives, where they’ve been, and what lessons they’ve learned. With that insight, they’ll look at where they’re currently focusing energy, and decide if that’s what they want in 2024. The session wraps up by making some plans for steps attendees can take to make 2024 exceptional. Ratey is internationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on personal and professional coaching for adults with ADHD.

Your Leadership and Coaching

We are all leaders. We always lead ourselves; we might lead others, lead leaders, or lead an organization. Caroline Dowd-Higgins (executive coach, speaker, author, and media host), will lead this session, which will explore how leading oneself changes through our progressive journey, and how to ensure we are self-aware and in command of our emotions every step of the way.

In addition, there will be extensive opportunities to network with fellow women in consumer tech during the sessions, breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and happy hour.

The event’s early bird pricing is $199 until Oct. 25; then standard pricing is $249. To register, visit