Why the Browns Should Pass on RG3


This post has absolutely nothing to do with the AV industry. I calm myself down by writing. Therefore, I’m going to write about this.


Do you know who that is? That’s RG3. Robert Griffin III. This year’s Heismann Trophy winner.

He’s an extremely sought after prospect for the NFL this year.

Now, I love RG3 as much as the next college football fan. I think he’s awesome.

I am a Cleveland Browns fan.

We all know this by now.

We also all know by now that the Cleveland Browns are terrible at football.

Even VEGAS knows they’re terrible. Like, REALLY terrible:



Because we’re terrible, we need to do really well in the NFL draft this year.

With that being said, there’s a lot of talk about the Browns trading up in the draft so that we can snag RG3.

Yes, we need a good, solid quarterback.

However, we need a lot of other things way worse.

The Cleveland Browns are like a piece of Swiss Cheese – there’s too many dang holes to fill. By the way, I hate Swiss Cheese. Gross.

Right now we have TWO first round draft picks AND an early second round draft pick. We could get some solid guys in those rounds (we esp. need some defense… *coughcough* Quinton Coples *coughcough*).

Who knows? RG3 could be AWESOME in the NFL. But he could also be a total flop. Matt Leinart? Andre Ware? and oh goshRashaan Salaam, anyone?

And frankly, two first round draft picks and an early pick in the second round are way too important for us this year to risk it all on RG3.

So, hey Browns, don’t screw this up for us. Again. K? K.