Why Roku Is My Jam!

Like many people, I have many variations of television streaming at my fingertips in my house. I use Amazon Prime and Netflix for my content, but I need a delivery system to get that content onto my television. Hello, Roku!

I previously used the Roku 3 to stream content to my projector in my living room. Then I decided to move it to my bedroom, as my Xbox One is able to stream my Netflix and other content for me in my living room.

I decided that I was not being generous enough to my guests that stay over at my house, so I decided to move my Sharp 46” LCD TV from my bedroom and wall mount it in my guest room. The Roku 3 went with it. So what replaced it in my bedroom? That’s right, a wall-mounted 55” Roku LED Smart TV!


I absolutely adore the Roku 55FS3750. The remote is so easy to use, press the power button and if I want to jump right to Netflix, I press the Netflix button. If I want to access Amazon Prime, I press the Amazon button. If I don’t know what I want to watch I simply press the home button and sort through the Movie Store or TV Store until I find what I want to watch. Best of all? I do not have to have an additional dongle or box attached to my TV, it is all-in-one! And if I ever lose the remote, I can use the Roku app on my phone to control the TV.

I have to say that I am very happy with my decision to finally purchase a Smart TV. Hands down I would recommend the Roku TV as an easy device to use, install, and it was very cost effective. Now I just need to build up my Netflix list for my next watching binge…