Why I Love Domino’s Times Square Screen (And What to Learn from It)

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The following is reprinted with permission from the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA). For more information, go to www.digitalscreenmedia.org.

dsalogo-711What Domino’s is currently doing – by broadcasting (virtually) unfiltered comments on one of the biggest stages in the world (Times Square) – is something I applaud and would actually recommend to any client more times than not. Here’s why:

1) It’s simple. There is absolutely no time/effort spent on content creation. Yes, they have to filter comments, but if there is human involvement, it’s not much.

2) It’s coming from the right place. Simply put, if a brand is coming at the experience and/or engagement – regardless of channel – from the right place, it’ll get credit. Regardless of any specific negative comments that might come their way, Domino’s has made a pledge – as a brand – to listen to its customers to get better. What can be a better place to come at it from? The community recognizes this and Domino’s will get credit, sales and ultimately loyalty by being open. Remember, people want a say. Domino’s is going full tilt and giving it to them. Then, using it to make its product better.

3) It’s big and out in the open. There’s no hiding from anything on any of those screens in Times Square. Not only is Domino’s being transparent by broadcasting these comments, it is also putting those comments front and center for everyone to see. This is just another example of the company showing how committed it is, as a brand, to improving. And in the process, kind of innovating.

In the digital signage industry, the concept of utilizing social media as content has seemed either a) intimidating and/or b) incompatible, to the point of not using it altogether.

For whatever reason, LocaModa seems to be one of the only companies who has whole-heartedly embraced it, enough to build a thriving business around it.

I wrote a post the other day about fundamental human behaviors that are critical inputs to us as we create engagements using social media channels. I believe those behaviors apply to any marketing or communications across any channel. Including Out-of-Home (OOH) and digital signage. Often times, I feel like the industry doesn’t know what to do and/or how to sell these screens that broadcast in public places. In the end, it probably always comes down to a question of content. While we see (and will continue to see) many examples of creative content being produced by brands and broadcast across various channels, it’s important to recognize that consumers, themselves, are creating buckets of content about the brands they love everyday.

So, from a strategic POV, why not tap into this? Brands will always open themselves up for negative comments on any social channel – be it online or off. More channels and more screens don’t alleviate that possibility. Those channels only give those voices more of a chance to be amplified. But this is not something to shy away from. Unless the brand is completely averse to change.

Almost always, the community wins. And not a single individual within the community, but the community as a whole. The brand is an enabler and a participant. That’s pretty much it.

Next time you’re sitting around trying to think of the golden piece of content, it might be right under your nose. In the social channels. Don’t be afraid.

AMX announced this month the creation of a Network Media Group to advance its line of IP-based media distribution and control solutions. The mission of the group is to “understand the unique requirements of a fully IT compatible AV solution and adapt existing products necessary to meet these requirements.”

The new group will be in both the U.S. and the U.K. and bring together teams responsible for current AMX products, including Vision2 IPTV systems, the Insprired Signage line and the Telvision Distribution System (TDS).

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