Where Does Barco’s CEO See Barco Three Years From Today?

ericvanzele 0113

I had a chance to sit down with Eric Van Zele, the president and CEO of Barco, today here atISE in Amsterdam on Day 2 of the show. In addition to asking him where he sees Barco three years from today, I talk to him about his vision for how Barco fits into the systems integration segment of the corporate AV market. He is quite candid in his response, even saying that they are looking to grow both organically and inorganically (meaning buy companies) to take a larger piece of the systems pie.

Since he’s been CEO of Barco, they’ve doubled in size and the company’s stock has risen from $9 a share to about $60 per share. Van Zele was also just awarded 2012 Belgian Manager of the Year. Watch this video to hear about his vision: