When the Landscape Changes, So Should Your Business


HD Distributing Goodview Line

By HD Distributing 

The playing field for the AV industry changes fast. Not too long ago, we started seeing the emergence of trends like direct-view LED moving indoors (whereas, before, most AV integrators were not even talking about LED for indoor spaces). Other major shifts have included mass deployments of interconnected digital signage and, of course, the widespread adoption of videoconferencing solutions for remote work and learning in early 2020. Now, everywhere you turn, it’s not hard to find the terms “work from anywhere” and “gesture-based” and “new normal.” (That last one isn’t specific to AV; we just added it for dramatic effect.)

Another solution that’s picked up a lot of buzz in the AV industry — something we would have never predicted on this scale had COVID-19 not happened — is the temperature-scanning device.

As soon as the industry realized it could have a role in producing and distributing this technology (as mission-critical as it would be for health and safety in 2020), the rush began. It turns out, however, that finding, supplying and supporting a quality temperature-scanning device, then training your full workforce on how to support it, isn’t so simple.

Read on to see how one distributor, HD Distributing, managed to figure it out.

From LED to Temperature-Scanning Kiosks

You probably know HD Distributing for its focus and expertise in direct-view LED and all-in-one LED offerings like MAXHUB. But did you know that earlier this year, the Minneapolis-based distributor overcame what many larger distributors couldn’t — supplying thousands of temperature-scanning units to its customers within merely weeks?

It started with the new coronavirus creating a widely altered market demand for innovative health and safety solutions. Like many businesses, HD Distributing knew it would need to pivot to give its integrator partners what they were asking for: temperature-scanning digital signage for offices, public spaces, schools and more. When the distributor decided it would take on this challenge, the team acted fast. But the solution wouldn’t be just any standard temperature-scanning solution.

“The first challenge was finding a premium temperature-scanning device — one that we were absolutely sure adhered to regulatory guidelines and offered the quality product that customers would need,” Steve Garber, president at HD Distributing said. “Traditional vetting processes would take time. Accruing inventory on a truncated timeline would pose a whole separate challenge.”

The solution: Use your network. Through its connection to MAXHUB’s parent company, CVTE, HD Distributing found its answer in Goodview — a temperature-scanning solution with facial recognition technology. Goodview’s Dynamic Detection Displays enabled HD to answer its customers’ wishes right away; the Goodview product was manufactured and shipped to the distributor’s warehouse at record speed. This meant that HD’s partners could get their hands on the product now — not later.

Not Done Yet

Offering a new product doesn’t stop at the point of sale. Since adding Goodview, HD Distributing has been consistently working on improvements to keep up with today but plan for tomorrow. Even with a solid solution in Goodview, HD Distributing would need to be able to service and support each unit to keep up with demand.

Challenge number two was not just getting the product but supporting it. (And supporting it in a way that distributors are known to pride themselves on.)

The solution: Play to your strengths. HD Distributing’s streamlined, nimble team made internal and external training on the Goodview line seamless. On-staff employees, many of whom had expert knowledge on Android-based systems like the one in Goodview, helped tremendously in getting the whole team up to speed.

“We looked to key partners familiar with access control systems to share use cases for Goodview in conjunction with key cards and door locks, which made understanding the product much easier from the start,” Garber added. “With support techs already on staff well-versed in Android systems prior to bringing on Goodview, we could offer superior customer support on the kiosk line in real time.”

In just three short months since bringing on Goodview, HD Distributing has deployed thousands of units across the country. Through its efforts, the distributor has helped countless businesses reopen safely with the technology.

Goodview HD Distributing Goodview

Goodview: The Specs

Since we have you, we’ll get you up to speed on the specs.

With temperature and facial scanners producing results with 0.5 degrees Celsius accuracy, each Goodview unit offers real-time protection and peace of mind for your organization and its people. Take a look at the demo for the SV1080 model:

The Dynamic Detection Display line in particular utilizes advanced thermal detection technology to quickly scan internal body temperatures. Combined with EZ-Pass software, Goodview’s displays can quickly identify potential safety threats and help mitigate large-scale exposure.

Features include:

  • Results within 0.5 degrees Celsius accuracy
  • Non-touch scanning
  • Network capabilities
  • Third-party integration options
  • Toggle capability for facial-recognition features
  • Optional card-reader features
  • Wall, table and podium-mounting options

And what’s new:

  • Email and text alerts now available on fail scans
  • U.S.-made stand option
  • U.S.-based service and support
  • More than 16 language options
  • An attendance-management module
  • Live virtual demos held weekly

Part of the value we all know and love about distributors is their commitment to providing excellent service and support to the integrator or end user post-purchase (it takes one phone call, not five, to get support). When things went sideways in early 2020, HD Distributing’s customers needed a solution. And they got a quick response.

There is a bigger story here, though: HD Distributing didn’t just bring on a new temperature scanner for a quick win. The distributor made a careful, strategic pivot into a digital signage innovation — serving its customers today but opening the door for adjacent innovations tomorrow. Despite all the changes we’re seeing in AV, the heart of what we do as an industry has not changed: We continue to serve our customers with audiovisual solutions that solve problems — whether that’s direct-view LED or a temperature-scanning device.

HD Distributing is actively shipping Goodview. You can learn more on the product line here. Better yet, you can register for one of HD Distributing’s live virtual demos here.