WHDI Finalizes Spec For Multi-Room HD Streaming

WHDI logo 1209

WHDI_logo-1209The Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) consortium finalizes its WHDI 1.0 standard for streaming uncompressed 1080p video. It’s based on Amimon technology — other competing wireless technologies also offer multi-room capability but almost all use compression.

The 5GHz-band technology will be demonstrated at CES in January. The finalized standard would ensure interoperability among different-branded devices that license the technology and bear a WHDI logo (but watch out for interoperability of devices with pre-standard WHDI technology).

With WHDI 1.0, a video source could transmit a 1080p/60Hz Deep Color video stream more than 100 feet through walls to multiple TVs without running cables.

To read it, go to:  http://www.whdi.org/.