What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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I retweeted an article that is due to appear the next issue of Wired Magazine, but I found myself drawn back to the images.

New York photographer J. Henry Fair is taking photos of what he calls “industrial scars” to raise awareness of pollution in the world. He initially took photos of harrowing scenes,devastation of wildlife and land caused by various industrial disasters, to shock viewers into action.


Over time, he decided to take a different tact and shoot the unexpected beautiful scenes that occur, saying, “We see pictures of oil-covered pelicans and we turn the page. To catch our eye, they have to beautiful, despite the subject matter.”

“Industrial Scars” is an aesthetic look at some of our most egregious injuries to the system that sustains us in hopes that the viewer will come away with an innate understanding of her complicity and a will to make a difference.”

The images are both beautiful and haunting, but a unique way to draw people in and acknowledge what we are doing to our planet.

If you want to see more of these photos, his site is below: