What’s Up With LAVNCH: October Events

LAVNCHLEARNTHE rAVe Agency has been busy planning and preparing tons of new LAVNCH & LEARNs and events. These events are educational and informative to help out both the new and experienced AV pros in our industry. From educational sessions on the newest tech to encouraging series on getting hired, we’ve got something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some recent events and also discuss some upcoming sessions to put on your calendar.

What’s Up With LAVNCH: What’s Coming Up

How to Get Noticed & Get Hired – A Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN


Start the drum roll, please … we’ve got a new series for you #AVtweeps out there: the Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN Series*. The series will dig into issues that really matter to women in technology and AV, such as dealing with mansplaining, salary negotiations, overcoming imposter syndrome and much more. Keep watch for exciting future episodes!

The first episode takes a deep dive into getting noticed and getting hired in today’s market. Many people are on the hunt for a job right now, so how can women stand out from the crowd? In the “How to Get Noticed & Get Hired” LAVNCH & LEARN, Alesia Hendley, Renee Franklin and Megan A. Dutta will share their tips and perspectives on getting hired quickly for the job you want. Register now to join the event Monday, Oct. 18, 2021, 1:00 p.m. EDT right here.

*We view using the term “Girl Boss” as taking our power back and owning it — not as something that’s demeaning to the confident, strong and smart women in tech that are a part of our industry. If you would like to have an open dialogue about this, please reach out to Megan A. Dutta at

Quickly Scale your AV Business by Leveraging Outsourcing – Herman Pro AV LAVNCH & LEARN

herman lavnch learn

Join in on a chat with Chris Bianchet, general manager at Herman Integration Services, and Gary Kayye as they discuss the benefits of outsourcing labor and technical services to scale your business successfully. What can outsourcing do for your company? Find out what it means and how to do it successfully — when done strategically, you’ll be ready for any opportunity that comes your way. The pair will also discuss how to work with a labor services provider and how it can help you grow and succeed.

Join in on the fun Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 12:00 p.m. EDT. You can register for the “Quickly Scale your AV Business by Leveraging Outsourcing” LAVNCH & LEARN right here.

Think you really know Mediasite? We bet you don’t! – LAVNCH & LEARN

Mediasite LAVNCH LEARNHave you heard of Mediasite? Think you know what it is and what it can do? Well, we bet you don’t, so we created a LAVNCH & LEARN to give you an inside look at just exactly what it is. What if you could partner with a company that offers automated room solutions that are connected to the cloud? What if the solution also offered real-time video recording and streaming from any source in any room? Learn what a fully cloud-based architecture that is designed to fit every client can do for you.

Get an inside look at Mediasite on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 12:00 p.m. EDT. You can register for the “Think you really know Mediasite? We bet you don’t!” LAVNCH & LEARN right here.

What’s Up With LAVNCH: What Happened

Did you miss these recent events? Not to worry they’re all on our on-demand platform. To see any of the free content below, head over to the LAVNCH page to register today.

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Epson Project Confidence Speaker Series – Physical Retail Spaces

Epson Speaker Series

The Epson Speaker Series focuses on the future of AV experiences. “The Evolution of Physical Retail Spacesepisode is part of the Digital Experiences conversations and focuses on creating compelling in-store experiences. What exactly is “immersive retail” these days, and how do we measure and create it? Remi Del Mar, product manager for commercial displays and AR solutions at Epson American, Inc., hosted this episode in the form of a Q&A session with Laura Davis-Taylor and Jennifer Acevedo, two thought leaders and influencers in this space.

There’s been an accelerated trend in customer expectations about shopping in stores — people want an experience, not just things. Opportunities in digital transformation include gamification, AR and immersive experiences. But, they need to be marketed with customers and brand in mind. Asking yourself what you can do from a digital perspective will help guide this trend. Marketing of retail needs to bleed into the stories you tell, not just the products you make. Storytelling and branding go hand in hand, and when done correctly, they can expand your retail and the shopper experience. 

Dive into the future of what retail stores could look like in the future, the five “P”s of experience, the opportunities in digital transformation and much more. Yes, you can watch this LAVNCH & LEARN on demand any time you’d like. Head to the Epson Speaker Series page to watch the event today.

What You Need to Know About XR – A LAVNCH & LEARN


This “What You Need to Know About XR” LAVNCH & LEARN gives us an intro to all things XR — what it is, how it’s used and where it’s going. After all, XR is the future of the ProAV market. Megan A Dutta led this session with the help of two XR pros, Meg Athavale of Lumo Interactive Inc and Chris Healer of Eyelash LLC. Megan and the panelists discuss why XR is critical to the future of the AV industry and how you can start using XR in your applications today.

It’s important to learn about XR and what it can do, as the market for XR tech has skyrocketed in the last few years. In 2018, the XR market was a $27 billion industry, and by 2025, it is projected to be a whopping $393 billion industry. But just what exactly is extended reality, and what is the difference between AR, VR, XR and others? According to the experts, augmented reality superimposes something digital into the physical world; virtual reality puts you inside a virtual world; mixed reality uses a combination of these technologies; and extended reality uses a mixture of all of these types of experiences to create a seamless integration of digital elements on the real world. In short, they all build on each other to expand the human experience. 

Jump into an alternate reality and learn about cool projects these pros have worked on, how XR works in the day-to-day office, where the tech could go and much more. You can watch this LAVNCH & LEARN on demand right here.

Well, those are all our most recent and upcoming virtual events! We’ll catch you next time to keep you updated on all things LAVNCH.