What’s Up With LAVNCH: March Events

LAVNCH HeaderTHE rAVe Agency has been busy planning and preparing tons of new LAVNCH & LEARNs and events. These events are educational and informative to help out both the new and experienced AV pros in our industry. From educational sessions on the newest tech to encouraging series on getting hired, we’ve got something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some recent events and also discuss some upcoming sessions to put on your calendar.

What’s Up With LAVNCH: What’s Coming Up

SDVoE LIVE!: SDVoE in the Digital OR

SDVoE LIVE Dec 14THE rAVe Agency’s LAVNCH platform is now hosting SDVoE LIVE! episodes. In this episode, SDVoE‘s Justin Kennington and Matt Dodd will be joined by special guest Colin Dobbyne to discuss how AV is making its way into the operating room. You read that right! The modern operating room is evolving into one big audiovisual system. We’ve all heard of robotic surgeries and endoscopy, but how do surgical teams and medical professionals see this vital imaging?

Colin has been a pioneering force in the design and development of operating room systems for 25 years. In the days before Zoom and Teams, he created TheatreWatch, the world’s first internet-based transcontinental surgical video link to train African surgeons remotely. Learn how his ideas and designs are being paired with AV!

Tune in to watch this SDVoE LIVE! episode, “SDVoE in the Digital OR,” on Tuesday, March 22 at 1 p.m. EST. Get registered here.

A Live Demo of Gary’s Favorite Pro AV Product: Sony’s Edge Analytics Appliance – LAVNCH & LEARN

Sonys Edge Analytics ApplianceGary Kayye called Sony’s Edge Analytics Appliance “the best-kept secret in AV” and his favorite ProAV product! SO what is Edge? Sony calls it the REA-C1000 and it’s four products in one. You have to see it to believe it, so Gary will demo it on this live LAVNCH & LEARN! If you expect to be selling and installing AV tech into classrooms, meeting rooms or training rooms that will have hybrid attendees, this is a product you’ll want to have in stock.

The Sony Edge Analytics Appliance offers four products in one, including a virtual Chromakey generator, an auto-tracking PTZ system, a whiteboard handwriting digital extraction system and a tool for turning one 4K camera-captured image into two separate 1080p streams! See it LIVE during the “Sony’s Edge Analytics Appliance – LAVNCH & LEARN” event with Gary Kayye on Thursday, March 24, at 1:00 p.m. EST. You can save your spot by registering here.

rePLAY Enterprise Connect 2022

rePLAY Enterprise Connect 2022Join us for a one-hour virtual event covering everything we saw, learned and captured ato Enterprise Connect 2022. Within this segment, you’ll get first dibs at product videos from the show floor, executive interviews and a live STEPH: Unscripted session with show attendees. We will also use this time explore new and emerging technologies introduced at the show and will analyze how these will transform the future of UCC and the ProAV industries.

Don’t miss this event on Wednesday, March 30, at 1 p.m. EST. Get registered for rePLAY Enterprise Connect 2022 right here.

What’s Up With LAVNCH: What happened

LAVNCH WEEK 5: UCC Day, Digital Signage Day and ProAV Day!


Last week was LAVNCH WEEK 5, and man, did we have a blast! With three full days of live content, including panels, demos, conversations and more, we couldn’t be happier with how the event went. What was your favorite day? We kicked off on Tuesday, March 1, with UCC Day. Wednesday was Digital Signage Day, and on Thursday, we celebrated ProAV Day with an extra hour of AV content! Don’t miss out on seeing innovations and ideas for AV integrators, product demos and intros, networking opportunities, all-new industry education sessions and discussions featuring AV industry leaders. Oh, and we made a big announcement! By the way, did you catch the news about LAVNCH [CODE]? If not — see it here!

If you didn’t catch these days live, you know we’ve got you covered. The content is ready for you on demand over on our LAVNCH page! Plus, we’ve got recap articles for each day to give an overview of the sessions and conversations that took place. Find UCC Day here, Digital Signage Day here and ProAV Day right here!

ProAV Industry 101

AV 101 LL

In the first-ever episode of the new AV 101 Series, Megan A. Dutta was joined by Hope Roth, Chris Neto and Nyere Hollingsworth for a discussion on all thins ProAV. The panelists shared their experiences with working in the professional audiovisual industry and reviewed a wide variety of available career paths in ProAV.

These pros gave an intro into how they each got started in AV. Many took jobs in the audiovisual industry without knowing the full scope of where AV could (and has!) taken them. Hope shared that, as a programmer, she found her way into AV and grew to love being the “glue” of AV systems — it’s both fun and challenging to know how all the moving pieces of systems work together. Nyere shared his love for problem-solving, saying that the way a system adapts over time or can be used in more ways than intended is always rewarding to be a part of. He also spoke about the beauty in working with so many different types of people with different types of skillsets. For Chris, there’s great enjoyment in combining soft skills and technical skills every day to increase usability and user experience as an integrator.

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Is ProAV right for you? Learn more about the industry and the great things AV can offer you in this episode. You can watch the “ProAV Industry 101” episode on demand right here.

Make Hybrid Meetings a Dream With Jabra and ScreenBeam

ScreenBeam Graphics 1200x630 with button

ScreenBeam and Jabra have joined forces to resolve technical barriers presented by hybrid meetings. Both in-person and remote participants face problems in a hybrid setting, but remote attendees in particular have problems being included and connected in a hybrid space. How do these two companies solve this problem? Gary Kayye was joined by Javed Tufail, Jay Taylor and Parker Dunbar for this LAVNCH & LEARN!

These two companies pair their collaboration products, AI tech and logistical solutions to create a meeting ecosystem that changes the conferencing game. Take a look at Jabra’s Whiteboard technology, which allows delivery of real-time video from a single device, and learn how ScreenBeam simplifies the meeting logistics by wirelessly connecting user devices to displays and room peripherals for flexible BYOM experiences. This allows virtual attendees to have a virtual presence in a hybrid meeting space! Get the details on products and solutions like ScreenBeam’s 1100 Plus, Reseller Exertis and Conference solutions as well as Jabra’s PanaCast 50 and more. P.S., take a deeper look at Jabra and ScreemBeam’s partnership here!

You can watch this LAVNCH & LEARN episode, “Make Hybrid Meetings a Dream With Jabra and ScreenBeam,” right here on demand.

SDVoE LIVE!: Video is the New Audio

SDVoE LIVE Dec 14THE rAVe Agency’s LAVNCH platform is now hosting SDVoE LIVE! episodes. In this episode, SDVoE‘s Justin Kennington and Matt Dodd were joined by Roland Hemming to discuss the growth of video over the past few years.  Did you know Dante is being included in over 75% of all networked audio products today? Roland Hemming authored a recent RH Consulting report, and in this episode, the trio discussed the future of video.

Roland says that, over the last decade, the biggest trend in video has been massive adoption. With this adoption has come true integration of video into thousands of new products. The trio discussed other trends such as form factor changes over time and the adaption of PoE into new products. Learn more about this study and what these pros discussed by tuning in on demand. You can watch episode 10 of SDVoE LIVE!, “Video is the New Audio,” and more on demand here.

DS LAVNCH & LEARN – The UX and Digital Signage

UX and Digital SignageAnother episode in the DS Series of LAVNCH & LEARNs happened on March 9! Megan A. Dutta was joined by Meg Sciarini, Chris Anderson and Jay Leedy to talk all things UX (user experience) in the digital signage market. It can be easy to get caught up in using the latest and greatest tech because of their “wow” factors. But is this always the best idea for the end user?

In this LAVNCH & LEARN, these pros covered how and why content is king, why a user’s experience matters, how the lives of DS systems need to be sustained and more. The truth is, there can be too much focus on a system’s hardware and not enough focus on the content that actually makes a user’s experience special. Though hardware is important and can be improved over time to enhance performance, content creates the experience. Learn how to create content that makes the UX in digital signage better and better in this session.

You can watch “The UX and Digital Signage” LAVNCH & LEARN event on demand right here.

Level Up: How to Mentor and Be Mentored

Girl Boss Level Up

Did you know, according to a study by Odyssey Mentoring, people who mentor typically earn $25,000 a year in additional compensation than do people who do not mentor? On March 14, Megan A. Dutta was joined by Carol Campbell, Cory Schaeffer and Marika Aquino to discuss what it takes to be a mentor and how to mentor others correctly.

A mentor needs to be someone you trust, someone who can sponsor you, someone who is honest and someone who you can grow under and with. Honestly is a huge factor because someone who isn’t willing to be completely honest with you will not be able to help you grow to your full potential. Megan and the panelists also talked about how, in the past, women were not as involved with AV, meaning there were not very many female mentors to help teach young people in the industry. This has changed over time but can still continue to get better! Diversity in your mentor (and in who you mentor) increases the skills and opportunities that make up the AV industry. Learn what having your own “board of directors” means and how it can help you in this event!

Tune in to the “Level Up: How to Mentor and Be Mentored” Girl Boss event on demand here!