What’s Up With LAVNCH: February Events

LAVNCHLEARNTHE rAVe Agency has been busy planning and preparing tons of new LAVNCH & LEARNs and events. These events are educational and informative to help out both the new and experienced AV pros in our industry. From educational sessions on the newest tech to encouraging series on getting hired, we’ve got something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some recent events and also discuss some upcoming sessions to put on your calendar.

What’s Up With LAVNCH: What’s Coming Up

DS LAVNCH & LEARN Emerging Technologies and Digital Signage


The DS series of LAVNCH & LEARNs covers all things Digital Signage. In this event, Megan A. Dutta and a panel of experts discuss how emerging technologies such as extended reality can be used in digital signage deployments. New technologies are being introduced and deployed daily, but which ones are actually a fit for digital signage and why? You’ll also hear how to avoid the pitfalls of using technology for the “cool factor” and how to ensure your client understands the importance of using the right technology rather than what’s trending.

Tune in to hear from Megan A. Dutta, Manolo (Manny) Almagro, Jeff Day and Andrea Varrone all about the newest tech in digital signage and where it can learn this vertical. What new tech will you discover?

Join in for the DS event on Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 1 p.m. EST. You can register for the “Emerging Technologies and Digital Signage event right here.

Mental Health Matters: Balancing Work, Life, and Beyond

Girl Boss Mental Health MattersIt’s another Girl Boss* LAVNCH & LEARN, AVtweeps, this time covering all things mental health and balancing a work and home life. Part 5 of the series will tackle mental well-being while balancing a work and home life. While we don’t have all the answers, we do know that there are ways to prioritize your mental health while you also grow your career. The question is — how do you do it?

Led by Megan A. Dutta, a panel of girl bosses will go into the best practices for balancing a work life as well as your personal home life. You’ll hear from Brandy Alvarado-Miranda, Carrie Gracey and Neelu Kaur and hear tips and tricks for the best practices for mental wellbeing in the office and at home. 

Join in on the conversation on Monday, Feb. 21 at 1 p.m. EST. You can register for the Girl Boss “Mental Health Matters: Balancing Work, Life, and Beyond” event right here.

*We view using the term “Girl Boss” as taking our power back and owning it — not as something that’s demeaning to the confident, strong and smart women in tech that are a part of our industry. If you would like to have an open dialogue about this, please reach out to Megan A. Dutta at

SDVoE LIVE! – AV Disaster Prep: How Ready Are You?

SDVoE LIVE Dec 14THE rAVe Agency’s LAVNCH platform is now hosting SDVoE LIVE! episodes. In this next episode, SDVoE‘s Justin Kennington and Matt Dodd will be joined by guest Rachael Harris to discus how AV companies who adjusted their tactics and work styles faired during the pandemic (and continue to do so today). March 2020 brought major disruption to all our lives, and suddenly, enterprises, houses of worship, schools and others were looking for their pivot. Rachael Harris argues that the organizations who navigated the past two years most successfully did NOT pivot they merely adjusted.

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So, what allowed them to manage the transition to a work-from-home world more easily? Preparedness in the form of infrastructure. This episode will discuss what that means and how AVtweeps can lay a groundwork personally and professionally to be ready to succeed regardless of what the world throws at us next.

Find out the details on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 1 p.m. EST. You can register for SDVoE’s “AV Disaster Prep: How Ready Are You?” event right here.


What’s Up With LAVNCH: What happened

SDVoE LIVE! – Pro AV Requirements Capture: Are You Asking the Right Questions?SDVoE LIVE Dec 14

On Feb. 8, SDVoE‘s Justin Kennington and Matt Dodd discussed how the designs of complex systems (like AV distribution, for example) are rarely clear. Every decision that is made during these designs requires tradeoffs and compromises, but ultimately, the goal is to design a system that will satisfy the needs of your end user. To meet those needs, you need to ask the right questions. Guest Paul Zielie explained how to do just this.

Paul says the first key is to completely understand what the client wants and needs. You can find this out by asking, “What are you trying to do?” Often, problems occur when the questions aren’t that important or don’t get to the main goal of the client. Paul also said to ask questions about the environment the solution will be in to confirm that what the client needs is doable. What will the solution have to coexist with? What latency issues may be present due to the environment?

When good questions are paired with a needs analysis, you’ll be that much closer to getting a solution that works for your client and meets their needs. In general, asking detailed questions that find out the client’s goal, constraints of the project and the environment in which the solution will be will help make for a happy client and successful project.

Find out more details in the episode. You can watch episode 8, “Pro AV Requirements Capture: Are You Asking the Right Questions?” on demand right here.

Well, those are all our most recent and upcoming virtual events! We’ll catch you next time to keep you updated on all things LAVNCH.