What You Don’t Know Won’t Disappoint You

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Just last week the cartoon posted above was making the rounds through my corner of Facebook.

Why it’s funny is because, obviously, music listeners seldom know what they’re missing.

I don’t mean to single out audio. But in the case of both audio and video do people really know what they’re missing? Sometimes I wonder.

Just today a friend asked me what I think about 4K. My reply was that 4K displays look great when presenting (wait for it) material that was shot in 4K. On 1080p that’s scaled up to 4K, they don’t look much different from 1080p.

I still assert that most viewers (and by that I mean most people who aren’t AV nerds) can’t even tell 720p from 1080i or 1080p, so again, it seems like a solution without a problem.

About nine years ago, I sold a discontinued demo projector to a friend, dirt cheap. It was a Sharp DLP with native 576i 4:3 resolution.

Watching the Grey Cup (Canadian football, if you were wondering) that year at his place via satellite on a 106″ 16:9 screen, the picture was clean, clear and razor sharp and his family all complimented him on how great his “high definition” projector looked.

Except it wasn’t HD — not even close.

But I suppose that if it makes you happy to think that it is, then that’s what matters.