What We Learned About ProAV & #AVtweeps During AI Month

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After three AI Month sessions, a comprehensive survey, articles and more, we’ve explored a lot about AI and how it will affect the future of AV, Digital Signage and UCC. And, thanks to our AI Month partner, Sony, we’ve assembled a resource about AI that no other publication can offer.

In fact, take a look at the three AI Month sessions we held during March — all of them are not only educational but fact-based explorations of how AI is both integrated into and building the future of technology in our market. Each session is AVIXA CTS RU approved. Just take a quiz after watching the session and you can still earn RUs.

While these sessions covered a broad range of topics, our learning didn’t stop there. We wanted to know what YOU know about AI, so we sent out our survey to over 30,000 AV professionals, and here’s what we learned (all this data is included in the infographic, too):

ProAV & #AVtweeps told us that:

  • Only 19% of respondents understand AI well and understand how AI will fit into the ProAV market.
  • And more than 50% do not currently use AI products or solutions in their installs.
  • Therefore, it makes sense that most ProAV professionals only allocate 0-29% of their budgets to AI-enhanced products, according to respondents.

And there’s room for improvement and growth:

  • 40% of respondents said the greatest limitation to AI being implemented into their installs is simply the fact that they are not familiar enough with the technology yet.
  • And when it comes to the most significant limitation of AI overall, 36% are just unsure of how to use the technology, and 26% are too busy with other projects right now.
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So here’s where the opportunities are for AI in ProAV:

  • Education (31%), Corporate (29%) and Retail (17%) are the top three markets where ProAV professionals believe AI will make the biggest splash.
  • Digital signage (32%), Room management (19%) and Language Translation (19%) were voted as the top three applications for AI in ProAV and should be considered a top priority.
  • And what are the top use cases for AI in ProAV? Auto framing, facial recognition, data collection and personalization — all currently used in today’s AI products for meetings and meeting rooms.
  • But we need to continue making improvements and innovations in auto framing capabilities, auto dynamic beamforming audio, facial recognition, deep learning and natural-language processing, as ProAV seems to be most interested in these AI-related capabilities.

However, in addition to education and product advancements, privacy is a huge concern and was noted as the biggest concern for the ProAV professional when integrating and installing AI-capable products.

Want to know and learn more about AI? Go here:

What do you think? Would you like us to do an updated AI Month in the Fall — picking up where we left off this month? Comment below!

AI Month Infographic | Sony