What is USB4 and Why Should You Care? Legrand’s White Paper Tells You

c2g usb c usb4 type c

C2G is helping to educate AV and technology professionals on the ins and outs of USB4 and Type-C interfaces in its latest white paper, “A Comprehensive Guide to USB4 & Type-C for AV Pros.” The white paper, written by Legrand’s AV Technology Evangelist Joseph D. Cornwall, CTS-D/I, provides foundational knowledge of these new standards so AV and technology professionals can make the best connectivity design decisions.

This white paper will answer several key questions including:

  • What are USB, USB4, Thunderbolt 4 and USB Type-C?
  • How does USB Type-C handle power?
  • How is Extended Power Range different from the existing Standard Power Range in USB4, and what does it mean for system design?
  • What is a USB docking station?
  • How is Power Delivery handled in docking stations?
  • What is USB Type-C Alternate Mode?
  • What are EMCA cables, and are they passive or active?
  • How does video work over USB Type-C?

It’s free, and you can find it here: https://www.legrandav.com/resources/white_papers_guides_and_ebooks