What customers think about Crimson

phpClgkLTAMWe love you Crimson!
Recently, we finished a gigantic project in Uptown Charlotte. It included 169 TV’s that had to each be custom mounted in all different locations and ways. We’ve done really large TV’s projects before like this but we have also spent a lot of time customizing every aspect of the mounting solution with regular threaded poles and using some generic threaded dual mounts or single pole mounts. We’ve made it work because we are that good; however, due to the nature of the project and small timeline we had to complete this project we had to find an easier solution.

The Difference Maker
Both our owners went to CEDIA 2014 in Colorado and spent a lot time in R&D to bring back significant ideas and new companies to partner with. One of the booths that both Rob and Chris talked about the most was Crimson AV’s. Crimson has literally thought of everything when it comes to mounting displays. From their ceiling mounts, pole suspensions for Bars, flat & tilt mounts, they are probably the most innovative mounting company out there and also most installer friendly without sacrificing quality.

The End-Product
The mounting solution worked like a big gigantic puzzle instead of a random collection of pieces. Crimson has parts for every possible situation. The only hold-up was the learning curve. We literally had to learn what pieces in their massive lineup of couplers, brackets and adaptors we needed. In the end, we found it to be this simple: If you need it, they have it. Crimson worked with us to overnight extra pieces we needed and made sure we were completely satisfied as well.

Overall we would like to give Crimson AV HUGE amounts of credit for helping us deliver one of the coolest restaurants in the South. They made our job easier and cleaner looking than ever before.

Thanks guys. You guys ROCK!!!

Written by: Audio Video Concepts & Design, Inc.