What a Show

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joelbikesSpent the bulk of the day looking around the professional AV area, meeting up with friends and arranging some serious demo time on some new products. The show is divided into separate areas for Pro AV, Home AV, Digital Signage, etc… and the array of exhibits is enormous. It really is like attending InfoComm andCedia at the same time, with regard to who is here.

Saw a lot of Mitsubishi’s display, not just because they help us bring you my webcast, but because the booth is massive and there is a lot to see. It’s pretty impressive, because I forget sometimes that they’re not just a video/electronics manufacturer. They make everything from TVs to Supertankers. On one corner of the booth is a sign that tells you that they constructed a skyscraper just so they’d have a place to test their elevators. But it called you into a whole lot of great video and AV product. I mentioned a couple today in the podcast of “The Week”, and will be getting a demo on their new production software to bring you on Thursday . Videos of highlight products from them and literally hundreds of other manufacturers can be seen at www.ravenowise.com.

Also went back for a detailed demonstration of Dataton’s new Watchpax, which continues to impress me both with it’s capabilities for show programming on multiple displays, and it’s potential use in complex attractions. Ran into one of Dataton’s longtime leaders, JimKellner, and talked about the product evolution.

On the way back to the hotel, was narrowly missed by several of Amsterdam’s famous whizzing bicycles. Citizens here could become NYC bicycle messengers the way they fly around an old, narrow city. For those of you who haven’t been here, the city is jammed with bicycles, most of which are black and old-looking. It’s part of the charm, but it got me wondering… since Amsterdam’s population has grown so over the last 20 years, is there a company out there actually manufacturing old black bicycles?