Wharfedale Pro Updates DP-F, DP-N Series Amplifiers

wharfedale pro dp f dp n

Wharfedale Pro announced updates to its DP-F and DP-N series amplifiers. The output power, model numbers and configurations remain the same, but updated DP-F and DP-N models will now feature updated DSP Controller software features, increased internal DSP functions, new IPS color displays, locking XLR connectors, and AES/EBU inputs.

These upgrades are supported by the simultaneous release of the updated v1.1.8 DSP Control software. The DP-F and DP-N upgrades’ scale and expanded feature set means that not all new software features are backwards compatible with original DP-F/N hardware. However, users of current DP-F and DP-N series amplifiers will still benefit from multiple improvements in the DSP Control Software. Even the original DP-F and DP-N amplifiers will gain various new features by releasing DSP Control Software v1.1.8.

DP-F and DP-N amplifiers are members of Wharfedale Pro’s larger DP family, including classic DP and DP-i models. All DP-F, DP-N and DP-i series feature a wide working range AC voltage of 90V – 260V and are stable down to 2 Ω. Variable speed fans keep the amplifier rack quiet when not in use — and cool, even when running at high volume.