Wharfedale Ships Jade Series Subwoofers

Jade8_Sub_Cherry-0914Sound Solutions, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Wharfedale loudspeakers, said that the Jade Series subwoofers are shipping. The Jade 10 and Jade 8 subwoofers each feature dual drivers but the Jade 10 has dual 10-inch woofers and a built-in 500-watt amplifier, and the Jade 8 has dual 8-inch woofers and a built-in 350-watt amplifier. The subwoofers employ a dual-woofer arrangement in which the woofers are mounted opposite each other and mechanically reinforce each other’s motion claiming a low-frequency response to 30Hz. Like every

Available in Rosewood Cherry, Vintage Cherry and Black Oak veneer they include a dimmable front-panel LED screen, continuously variable low-pass crossover point, crossover slope and a phase control to help with integrating with the main speakers and the acoustics of the room. And, stereo and mono (LFE) line in and speaker-level inputs are provided.

The Wharfedale Jade 10 and Jade 8 subwoofers list for $1,599 and $1,199, respectively and full specs are here.