We’ve Got BIG Plans

Normally, we’re pretty secretive about new projects and new initiatives around here atrAVe. We’ve found that nearly everything we do gets copied by another so-called AV industry trade publication out there in their attempt to keep up with our level of creativity and speed to market – yes, I’m proud of our team here, so why not brag? And, it’s true: everything we do gets copied.

We were the first with video, the first with a Twitter account, the first with a Facebook page, the first with a blog, the first with industry leading-bloggers, the first with social media and the first with opinionated columns. Now, we’re the first with a Podcast. Yes, we launched it yesterday in partnership with a guy who’s the leader in AV podcasting, Tim Albright – so, instead of copying him like our competition would do, we decided to partner with him.

But, with our next big project, I’ve decided to “spill the beans” way before we actually launch it – this will help our competition to prepare and not make them seem as though they blatantly copied us. So, what’s the next big thing for rAVe?
Well, we’re going to partner with everyone. We’ve decided to do anything and everything possible. So, we have a plan in place and a team on staff. We’ve code-named the project INFINITY.
INFINITY is our initiative to do everything for everyone. So, anything you want, anything you need, we’re going to do it. All the time and all over the place.
In fact, we just received a patent on INFINITY and a trademark on INFINITY – so no one else is allowed to use it. So, I dare you to try and copy us.
Oh, and Happy Holidays…