Welcome to “New Pandora”, Adobe Flash need not apply


pandora2Over the past two months Pandora has been sneakily hooking up select users a preview of what is now referred to as “New Pandora”, and you know what, it’s pretty flippin’ sweet. It was officially launched this last Tuesday. You didn’t notice either eh? Maybe because you’ve been busy listening to GrooveShark , Turntable.fm , Google Music ,Spotify , Insert any other Streaming Media radio service here__________. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pandora as much as the next free streaming media, music enthusiast, who listens for 40 hours or until they run out of skips in a day junkie, but as of lately there are so many options to choose from, it has been easy to navigate away from Pandora. Partially (for me anyway) because of the constant reminder of why everyone hates Adobe Flash (except me, I just think it’s stupid to create an entire site based on it), it crashes.