Webinar | The Ultimate Reality Check AV over IP

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Are you confused about the plethora of AV-over-IP options out there? You should be. The AV-over-IP market is saturated with lies, hype, over-promising and under-delivering technology. Most of it is point-to-point, not actually IP-based, and some of it just sucks.

Now that AV-over-IP gear has been shipping for 5+ years and there is more than one company (aka SVSi) shipping it, it’s time for a reality check. Last year, rAVe’s Gary Kayye traveled the United States with Almo Pro A/V delivering the highest-attended keynote he’s ever given — all about AV-over-IP. But, since then, we’ve had a proposed standard based on SMPTE 2110. We have the “top three” in signal routing and distribution using three different ecosystems. We have a market that is way, way behind in integrating AV-over-IP solutions. For instance: many schools will go to a HyFlex teaching environment in the fall. If the ProAV market had already integrated AV-over-IP inside classrooms, teaching via UCC platforms would be way, way better — AND more profitable, as you’d now be able to charge every university in the country an AV-as-a-Service fee. How? Attend this webinar, and Gary will tell you.

A lot has changed in the past 18 months with AV-over-IP. This will get you caught up with both the products and the technology — as well as with the applications that are exploding (or getting left behind).
View the webinar recording here.