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StateOfUCC rAVe

Do you design, sell or use UCC-based collaboration systems like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams or BlueJeans? Do you prefer one ecosystem over the other, or are you tired of interoperability problems? Are you thankful for Zoom’s simplicity and frustrated by Microsoft’s inability to keep Teams simpler (while secretly wishing some platforms could give you a one-stop approach to UCC room design)? Do you prefer RBM (room-based meetings) or the BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), like what Barco’s ClickShare Conference does? Do you see UCC spaces as too hang-and-bang to make any money off of them? Or, do you see the opportunity that UCC-based systems bring the AV market? Do you want to know what company makes the BEST mic arrays? The best UCC-based speakers? Or, the top-of-the-line UCC camera? Well, he might not answer any of these questions or, he may answer all of them! Gary Kayye’s The Exclusive Best UCC Webinar Ever is specifically designed and structured as a one-stop shop for everything UCC-based — what’s going on, where it’s all headed and who makes the gear that matters!

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